At Mahogany 360 Fitness we offer a variety of exercise, training and nutrition programs that are all catered to your specific needs, fitness level, overall health objectives and goals to ensure you Change, Progress, Transform and Evolve into the new and improved you.

Some of our exercise, training and nutrition programs are as follows:

Personal Training

If you’re looking to get healthy and fit and are in need of a personal trainer then Mahogany 360 Fitness is your complete source for personal fitness training. From online coaching/consultations to personalized fitness training my methodologies are tailored to help you become successful in your health and fitness objectives/goals. Learn More >>>

Group Classes

If the presence of others in a group fitness setting adds to your motivation then you’ve come to a premiere provider of fitness training that offers a variety group fitness programs and workouts that include both in-person and virtual group fitness classes. Learn More >>>

Virtual Classes

With COVID-19 being an unfortunate part of our daily life its’ completely and logically understandable that many would prefer virtual fitness classes over in-person classes and as such Mahogany 360 Fitness offers virtual fitness classes. Learn More >>>


Nutrition is an integral part of a well rounded overall health routine and as such Mahogany 360 Fitness offers sound and healthy nutritional meal plans to help fuel and nourish the new and improved YOU! Learn More >>>